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Glenn Moore

The engineer’s engineer

Born at the intersection of wanderlust and railyards, Glenn has always aspired to be an engineer.  So, he’s leveraged his career in electronics engineering + building construction to become the Railview electronics mastermind.  You can usually find him consulting maps in the dispatch office.

Weathering man

Scott Milligan

“What’s new is old again” describes Scott’s passion for patina.  A firm believer in true grit, Scott controls the weather(ing) of every surface to create an artful veneer of time travel; dirt is his aging palette.


Dan Darnell

Master model maker

Dan is a key architect of the initial design for our layout. With over 30 years in the model railroad industry, his masterful modelling skills define the Railview universe.

Our TH&B guru

Tom Warchuk

Nothing escapes Tom’s keen eye for detail.  A dedicated researcher, Tom’s pursuit for historical authenticity has ensured Railview’s accurate representation of the past…since our very beginning. 

Bets are that he’s switching trains in the Hamilton Aberdeen yard right now.


Bill Hitchman

Always early

Bill jumped aboard for the club’s inception and purchased our first batch of code 83 turnouts. He lives in Calgary now, but still hitches the wagons remotely.

Zen prankster

George Adams

George envisions big ideas for a miniature world.  He creates intricately designed, hyper-real scenes that bring every character, bridge, building and boxcar to life.  Keep an eye out for his many whimsical creatures that discretely populate the Railview landscape.


Phil Bissell

Auto pilot

The logistical mind that oversees our digital interface, Phil keeps our trains running on time, not into each other.  While Phil speaks JMRI, CMRI and Arduinos, he’s always on the fast track to automative innovations.

Macro vision

Ken Darley

Ken’s craftsmanship balances art and science.  The subtlety of detail in each of his creations, points to his love of composition and craft.  A builder of worlds, Ken brings the bigger picture into view.


Rev. John Bigham

Enlightened builder (R.I.P.)

John engineered bridges between worlds; he was a practical man guided by his spirituality.  John loved to build everything from the ground up: friendships and frameworks alike.  The Railview diorama embodies his legacy in every turn, track and tunnel.

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