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Discover our network!

Check out the amazing people and places that can expand your railroading opportunities.

These are some great places to explore for a wide selection of model railway products: engines, rolling stock, scenery items, track & power management.

Another great way to stay current with product availability is to follow manufacturers’ new product release announcements.

You can do this through retail stores or directly from the manufacturers’ websites.

Your world can create your layout.

When you build your model railway, don’t forget to explore your own home, backyard and beyond.  An old rubber hose could become the base material for HO scale tires in your layout’s garage or scrap yard…fine gauge wire could become a perfect HO scale garden hose!  The sedum plant (also known as stonecrop) is a great building material for deciduous trees, and sand is ideal for dirt roads.

Use your imagination modelers!

Model railway retail stores and manufacturers.

Otter Valley Railroad

37 Tillson street

Tillsonburg, Ontario

N4G 07

(877) 885-7245

West End Trains

17 Arnold street

Etobicoke, Ontario

M8Z 5A5

(416) 251-6124

Dailey Hobbies

9 Carlow ct.

Whitby, Ontario

L1N 9T7

(905) 430-1313

George’s Trains

550 Alden road, unit 102

Markham, Ontario

L3R 6A8

(905) 470-6200

The Credit Valley Railway Co.

2900 Argentia road, unit 24

Mississauga, Ontario

L5N 7X9

(905) 826-1306

John’s Hobbies

2188 Danforth ave

Toronto, Ontario


(416) 421-1850

Panther Hobbies & Trains

2580 Wharton Glen ave.

Mississauga, Ontario

L4X 2A9

Pinnacle Hobby

5970 16th ave., unit 114

Markham, Ontario

L3P 7R1

Rapido Trains

Bowser Trains

Inter Mountain Railway Co.

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