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Our Story

The Railview Model Railway Club 

recreates historical scenes

from the 1950’s to the 1980’s.

The Railview universe boasts an array of unique operational possibilities. Featuring 1.5 kilometers of track with 515 switches, our extensive layout spans 3600 sq. ft.

The Railview Club is a not-for-profit, membership-based and privately funded community organization.

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Bayview Junction

Centered on Bayview Junction, Canada’s hotspot for rail activity, our layout expands eastwards towards Aldershot, Burlington Junction (where it connects with the Halton staging yard), Oakville and finally heading to the Toronto staging yard.  From Hamilton West Junction, the CN mainlines take you to Paris, followed by staging destinations of Stratford and Sarnia. At Hamilton Junction, both CN and CP service to Goderich is directed through the maze of switches. In addition, the junction handles CN passenger and freight services heading to/thru Hamilton yard, Amtrak, Conrail, GO, NYC and VIA traffic to Niagara Falls staging.

People and Products

We run unit trains, scheduled operations of both freight and passenger routes, and locals originating out of CN Hamilton and CP Aberdeen yards. Varied yard operations (TH&B/CP at Aberdeen and Hunter Street, CN in Hamilton, Aldershot, Burlington, Oakville, the Oakville Ford facility, Dofasco) await those that love switching. You can even run your train down the busy streets of St. Catharines while switching out rolling stock to the different businesses. More switching operations are available at CP Goderich (tanks, coal, flats for the graders) and CN Goderich offers the chance to switch the salt mine operations, grain at Goderich Elevator and Transit Co., as well as local freight moves to the freight shed, Dominion Salt, gondolas for scrap and more. The Goderich scenes have been recreated circa 1960 which makes the turntable maneuvers available in both yards.


Dispatch Office

A separate Dispatch Office provides full visibility and control of all mainline switches.  We’ve added 40 camera views that are visible on monitors throughout the layout to better allow crews to follow their operations through the “dark territory” (hidden tracks).


Expanding universe

Analog and digital versions of the Faller Car System are incorporated into the design. We also incorporate magnetic based technologies for vehicle and boat movement. With NCE at the base of rail operations and JMRI to supplement operations, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.​


As with any model railroad, our world is always expanding!

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